CPXP Exam Preparation

In keeping with the credentialing standards for certification exams, Patient Experience Institute cannot and does not publish prep materials. To support the preparation process, we can provide the following CPXP Exam preparation guidance as one readies to take the exam:

  1. Ensure a comprehensive understanding and awareness of the full CPXP classification system (download the most recent overview). The classification system will provide the most complete overview of all domains, knowledge and skills being tested. The full classification outline (i.e., the domains, associated tasks, knowledge and skills) is also listed in the CPXP Handbook. Currently the classification system is comprised of four key domains comprising the exam. The percentages of the exam associated with each domain as guided by our community validation process are:
    • Partnership and Advocacy – 29%
    • Measurement and Analysis – 22%
    • Design and Innovation – 25%
    • Organizational Culture and Leadership – 24%
  2. Review the CPXP recommended preparation references (download the reference list). The reference list is representative of the most frequently cited references in the inaugural CPXP exam. It should be noted it does not provide an inclusive listing of all references used to build the exam, but the information provided does represent the essence of the exam content. As with any preparation materials, knowledge of any suggested preparation materials does not guarantee one will pass the exam, but rather represents guiding information for preparation in advance of test completion. We wish you best of luck for a successful examination.
  3. Review sample question set (download the sample questions). These questions are offered to help you understand the look, feel and context of the questions you will encounter when taking the CPXP exam. These are not actual exam questions, but specifically created samples for your review. Special note on sample questionsAs a new certification we have been advised that true sample questions offered in the certification process come from retired items from the actual question bank. Currently, we are not yet near a point of retiring questions and therefore cannot provide sample questions that would be deemed official. Any questions provided would not have undergone the formal vetting and review process to ensure they were representative of the standards of questions provided on the actual exam so as samples would not be truly indicative of what you would see on the exam.
  4. Engage in the CPXP Prep Online Work Group. PXI is excited to offer an online work group during each exam preparation window through which individuals in the upcoming test window can connect, share learning and form study groups. This is automatically included in your application fee and once your application is approved individuals are provided access to this resource.

Regarding formal preparation programs:

While PXI does not offer test preparation programs, other organizations are currently offering or in the process of developing preparation programs.  If you have a current program that you would like to have listed, please contact info@pxinstitute.org

Current programs include:

**Programs listed here do not represent an endorsement from PXI and is not a guarantee that participation in any of the programs listed will result in a passing score on the exam. 

We have also received inquiries regarding The Beryl Institute’s community developed Patient Experience Body of Knowledge as a means for preparation. While a full understanding of the scope of knowledge encompassed by the Patient Experience Body of Knowledge is of value, and its framework provided guidance during CPXP test construction and item development, you will see the test domain structure does not mirror, but rather complements the body of knowledge. Completion of the associated courses is neither required prior to taking the CPXP exam, nor does completion of these courses (as with any preparation method) guarantee one will pass the exam.

Now its time to join us as a CPXPs. We invite you to complete your application for the CPXP exam.