CPXP Toolkit

This page is provided for recipients who have earned the CPXP designation.

Congratulations on your significant career achievement in earning the distinction of Certified Patient Experience Professional (CPXP). The CPXP designation is a testament of your commitment to this work, to addressing the broad needs of those we care for and serve in healthcare, to your support of your colleagues and peers in providing the best in outcomes and to your leadership in growing the field of patient experience.

This toolkit is designed to provide you support in leveraging your professional status as CPXP from communication resources to other considerations in sharing the importance of this designation you now hold. The toolkit offers specific recommendations and resources for your use. We also welcome your thoughts and input as we both refine and expand the offerings found here.

Promoting Your Credential

Press Releases

You can provide the following template document to your organization’s marketing/PR leaders or use it directly to promote and share your new designation. The document includes guidelines and two versions of the press release template. You can fill in the necessary blanks and customize these templates as needed. We encourage you to work with your organizations to share this achievement broadly in your communities and beyond.

Download Press Release Template

Social Media

With the growth of the patient experience conversation in social media circles we encourage you to consider posting and sharing your achievements via your various social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. We have designated the Twitter hashtag #CPXP and you can identify Patient Experience Institute on Twitter via @pxinstitute. We have provided a few sample communications that can be modified for use across social media platforms.

Download Social Media Samples

Displaying your CPXP Designation

We encourage you to immediately start using your CPXP designation across your communication platforms including:

  • Display your CPXP designation on your business communications. Remember to update your business card, stationery and email signature block to proudly display CPXP after your name.
  • Add your CPXP designation to conference registrations and other meetings you may attend.
  • CPXP pin_NEWInclude your credential on your healthcare article bylines and speaking engagement handouts/programs. When you author healthcare articles and conduct speaking engagements be sure to include your CPXP designation in your byline or program listing.
  • Once available, we hope you will place your CPXP Certificate in a visible and prominent location. We also encourage you to wear your CPXP pin (which will arrive in your CPXP packet within the next few weeks)  when you attend meetings or events and place it prominently on your badge, coat or other appropriate location in your work environment.

Encourage Organizations to Offer Patient Experience Continuing Education (PXE) Credits

As a CPXP, we know how important it is to you to obtain Patient Experience Continuing Education (PXEs) to maintain your designation. To check if any of the events you plan to attend offer PXEs, you can view the calendar of approved programs here: https://www.pxinstitute.org/events/. As we’ve received many requests on if or why other events or conferences are not listed as a PXE approved program, below is a suggested email template to help you encourage such events to offer PXEs and provide information on how they can get started.

Download PXE Email Template Here

If you have other ideas on how we can help you and your peers share this designation and expand our community of CPXPs, please contact us. Congratulations again!