CPXP Handbook & Overview Webinar

CPXP Handbook

The CPXP Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the CPXP Examination process from application, to examination information, finding out examination results to recertification requirements. It is strongly suggested any applicant in the CPXP process review the handbook fully before starting the application process.

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Latest version: 1.23.18

CPXP Overview Webinar

Webinar Registration

Patient Experience Institute will hold a series of live webinars over the course of 2018 to introduce potential candidates to the CPXP examination process and hear from and asked questions of current CPXPs on their experience. These webinars will be held on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  Register for upcoming CPXP overview webinars and review event calendar.


The webinar  recording below (from May 2017) provides a brief overview of the CPXP Process and Examination. It compliments a full review of the CPXP Handbook above.